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TTB Permits Online: Terms of Use

This system is the property of the United States Department of Treasury. Unauthorized use of this system is strictly prohibited and subject to criminal and civil penalties. The Department of the Treasury may monitor, record, and audit any activity on the system and search and retrieve any information stored within the system. By accessing and using this system you are agreeing to abide by these terms of use and are consenting to such monitoring, recording, and information retrieval for law enforcement and other purposes.

Each user must have an individual user name and password. Sharing your Permits Online user name or password is strictly prohibited and in violation of the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) (Public Law 107-347) and can result in the cancellation of your Permits Online privileges.

The person who submits a request for a user registration is responsible for any Permits Online activity associated with his or her user name and password.

Multiple people can have access to applications, permits, registrations, and notices in Permits Online. If someone other than the person who submitted the application requires access, that person must register for his/her own Permits Online account, then submit a "Request Access" application. Note that a Signing Authority or Power of Attorney form
must already be on file with TTB before submitting the access request application. 

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